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Fanties Heads Up! Meeting Friday Night!

Hey ladies (and the occasional gent)!

It's that time of year again!

We have a little over a month to get our practices in and performances planned for Eroticon!

Kelly, the organizer, wants bigger more professional performances this year and I think that sounds awesome. I have a freer schedule and access to many more resources to help make that happen!

What does that mean? More intensive practices, more delving into traditional as well as Neoburlesque (performances, etc!) Pasties! Shimmy belts! Fans! Glitter! Glam! Bumping and Grinding!

Isn't it awesome?

We've already got a performance in the works by the lovely violi and prosewitch that just needs the okay from Kelly for sound (which I am very excited about!)


Here's the skinny!

I'll be in town Friday night and I'd really like to get the gals together - I know that prosewitch is busy for the first part of the evening...what are your schedules like, ladies, and what time could you meet?

I love ya ladies!
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