Ms. Feminist Folklorist (prosewitch) wrote in fantalesque,
Ms. Feminist Folklorist

burlesque documentary!

Hello ladies! Hope y'all are having a good summer... I'm having fun cavorting around Europe, though I managed not to see any burlesque shows while here in Paris, go figure. :(

Anyway, I read in a recent issue of some fashion magazine (either Elle, Marie Claire, or Jane) that there's a documentary about American burlesque being aired on a cable channel in the next month. Not much info to go on, I know, but the movie is called Pretty Things. I have sketchy internet access and no TV access, so maybe someone could look it up and tape it?

I'll be back in Bloomington starting Jult 24th, and even though I've got a busy semester ahead, I'm really excited about Eroticon! I've been mentally choreographing my Dance of the Seven Veils, hehe....
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